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"That guy on Junkfort bragging he did [the Kessel Run] in under eleven? Next time I'm out that way I'm gonna tell him to scratch gravel."
―Han Solo, Smuggler's Guide[3]

Junkfort Station was an Outer Rim Territories astronomical object. At some point, the smuggler Platt Okeefe mentioned Junkfort Station in an entry she made in the book known as the Smuggler's Guide, and an individual on the celestial body at one point claimed to have completed the Kessel Run smuggling route by traveling less than eleven parsecs.


Junkfort Station was an astronomical object located in the regions known as the Outer Rim Territories[1] and the Slice.[2] Situated in grid square T-8 of the Standard Galactic Grid, Junkfort Station was connected by hyperspace routes to the celestial bodies Boonta, Delacrix, Dennogra, Kubindi, and Oseon.[1]


"Maz's list is a good start. I'd add:
Junkfort Station […]"
―Platt Okeefe, Smuggler's Guide[3]

Junkfort Station was mentioned in two entries in the book known as the Smuggler's Guide.

At some point by 10 BBY,[4] the smuggler Platt Okeefe made a record in the logbook known as the Smuggler's Guide. In her entry, Okeefe included Junkfort Station in a list of various shadowports and boltholes that she thought made a good addition to that noted in the book by its original author, the pirate queen Maz Kanata.[3]

At some point following the smuggler Han Solo's completion of the smuggling route known as the Kessel Run[3] in 10 BBY,[4] an individual on Junkfort Station boasted that they had made the run by traveling a distance of less than eleven parsecs. The claims angered Solo, whose own record-setting Kessel Run had been made in approximately twelve parsecs, and in an entry he made in the Smuggler's Guide, the smuggler vowed to attempt to pick a fight with the individual the next time he traveled to Junkfort Station's vicinity.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Junkfort Station was introduced to the new Star Wars canon in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game, a 2016 Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Roleplaying boxed set.[1] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, Junkfort Station was a space station that first appeared in "The Power Gem,"[5] a comic story written by Archie Goodwin, penciled by Al Williamson, and published between July 26 and October 3, 1982[6] as part of the daily Star Wars comic strip distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate to major American and Canadian newspapers from 1979 to 1984.[7]



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