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Captain Juno was a starship captain with the Mere Resistance. He flew the Mere cruiser Tritus into battle against Cavik Toth's forces prior to and at the onset of the Clone Wars.

Captains Juno and Orsai flew their cruisers into battle over Nod Kartha following Cavik Toth's attack on Maramere. When Captain Orsai's cruiser was critically damaged, Juno used his vessel's firepower to help bring down the planetary defenses, giving Nym time to destroy the Hex factory on the surface. Juno later participated in the epic battle over Geonosis, leading three Mere Cruisers into battle against three Sabaoth destroyers.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Juno was a Roman goddess. It was believed the name was derived from the Indo-European 'yeu', meaning vital force. Juno is also a guardian spirit for Roman women. Juno plays the role of a guardian when he brings his 'vital force' (the Tritus) into battle in the final mission of Jedi Starfighter.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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