This article is about a group of freighters. You may be looking for Juno Eclipse, an Imperial pilot.

Juno was a group of six cargo ferries in the employ of Twin Suns Transport Services and the Azzameen family. After the Galactic Empire and Viraxo Industries seized several of the family's bases, the Juno force was stationed at the family's one remaining repair yard in Bilbringi. They assisted Ace Azzameen and Aeron Azzameen in raiding the Viraxo Industrial Complex VXO-33274 so that they could help resupply the Rebel Alliance. They were accompanied by SecForce and Modular Conveyor group Lara. While the Azzameens, who were flying in the Otana, and SecForce attacked Black Sun mercenaries and a Viraxo convoy, Juno group unloaded and stole several containers. Thanks to their escorts and the Azzameens, Juno group fled with the newly acquired supplies and delivered them to the Vergesso Shipyard in the Vergesso Asteroids, where they were picked up by Rebel personnel. They were attacked by a single squadron of Black Sun fighters, but Ace Azzameen easily destroyed them. Juno group later would return to Azzameen family space, supposedly still active within its native company.



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