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[[Category:Humans|Eclipse, Juno]]
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[[Category:Imperial Navy pilots|Eclipse, Juno]]
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[[de:Juno Eclipse]]

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"Prepare for lightspeed!"
―Juno Eclipse[src]

Juno Eclipse was the female Imperial pilot of the Rogue Shadow during the Great Jedi Purge. Darth Vader's apprentice had a relationship with her.[1]


Juno was born on Corulag, and became the youngest cadet to be accepted into the Imperial Academy at age fourteen. Juno quickly excelled in starship repair and became a talented combat pilot. She also perfected her skills in droid maintenance and marksmanship.

After graduating, Juno flew many successful combat missions throughout the Outer Rim; bringing the admiration of her peers and commanding officers. Through quick promotions, she eventualy gained control of her own squadron. After proving her loyalty during the Battle of Callos, Darth Vader prompted her to pilot the Rogue Shadow, a secret ship used to transport Vader's appentice.

Behind the scenes

Juno Eclipse is portrayed by British actress and former model Nathalie Cox, best known for her role in the film Kingdom of Heaven as the wife of Orlando Bloom's character, Balian.[2]

The player character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed shares a love interest with Juno Eclipse.[1]

A leaked Hasbro computer database was the first source to reveal Juno's name. Her name has since been confirmed by the March issue of Game Informer.[3]

Juno Eclipse's name is an obvious reference to the Roman Goddess Juno, who was essentially the queen of the Roman Gods and recounted as being militaristic in both personality and dress.

"Juno Eclipse" was originally considered to be the name of Asajj Ventress.[4]


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