"Audila! When I heard the shooting, I thought..."
―Juran is released to find his wife unharmed.[src]

Juran Reb was a Togruta male living during the Cold War and the husband of Audila.


Juran and Audila first met Risha when the latter, at the age of fourteen, rushed to explore the galaxy. They became both friends and business partners and stayed in touch with her after Risha went separate ways from them. In 3643 BBY, Audila was kidnapped by a group of assassins while Juran was at work. The kidnappers threatened to kill Audila if Risha didn't meet them at the Czerka mining complex on Tatooine. Juran made a desperate holocall to an old friend, and Risha accepted her role in the events. She came to the exchange point as expected, but the lead assassin refused to release Audila, saying that his "liege" wanted no witnesses. It was then that Risha's partner, Voidhound, arrived and defeated the assassin leader. Audila was very angry at Risha, blaming the incident on her and asking for reasons. Risha refused to explain that the assassin was after her because of her royal status on Dubrillion. As a result, Audila threatened to sever ties with her. Risha asked Audila to trust her and then gave Audila and Juran some credits to get off Tatooine. Audila accepted them but reminded Risha that she'd want an answer to the events someday.

Juran and Audila eventually settled on Byllura, running a little frontier mercantile exchange. She sent a short note to Risha, letting her know that they were okay.


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