Jurgorans were large, amphibious animals native to Dromund Kaas, where they were challenged only by the gundark for a position at the top of the food chain.[3] They were known for their sharp claws and tough hides,[3] and they had been transplanted to several worlds across the galaxy. On Taral V, several jurgorans attacked a Republic strike team that was trying to gain information on a missing Jedi.[2]


"My pets are ready to play. Are you?"
―Rora Seake, on her jurgorans[src]

On Dromund Kaas, the jurgoran became the image of vicious, unrelenting strength among the Sith who first came to the world, and many Sith had taken the name "Lord Jurgoran" throughout the Empire's history.[3]

The Sith assassin Rora Seake also used two Jurgorans as "pets" during the Cold War. They, along with their master, met their ends on Taris at the hands of a Jedi Knight who was defending Seake's target, a Republic colony.

A jurgoran somehow made its way to the planet Tython in the Deep Core, the ancient home of the Jedi.[3] It is unknown how the animal arrived on the planet, or if any more existed there. The jurgoran in question lived near the ruins of Vur Tepe, the Forge, during the Cold War. It slumbered in a cave in the ravine near the Forge until it was accidentally awoken around 3643 BBY by a Jedi Padawan who had just saved thier master Orgus Din from the Dark Jedi Bengel Morr. The jurgoran, known as the Forge Guardian, was killed by the Padawan when it attacked them, having been disturbed by the Padawan's crafting of their new lightsaber.



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