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"Nice shot, Lucky."
―Just Lucky and Chelli Aphra[1]

Just Lucky was a human male smuggler and assassin. He worked both with and against the rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra on multiple occasions.


Early life[]

Just Lucky was a human male who worked as a smuggler and assassin during the Imperial Era. His younger brother, Pak, often accumulated gambling debts that Lucky became responsible for.[2] When Lucky was involved with the Sixth Kin criminal organization, he was mentored by one of its lieutenants, Gallin Crae, alongside Ariole Yu. Yu, Crae, and Lucky eventually considered themselves a family,[6] Lucky and Yu were boyfriends for some time but they eventually broke up.[7] At one point, Just Lucky tried to kill rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra on Qlint and also worked with her on Dathomir.[1]

Search for the Rings of Vaale[]

In the weeks following the Battle of Hoth, Lucky worked in a crew alongside Aphra and the bounty hunters Krrsantan and Tubleek Ruz to steal supplies that the Galactic Empire was transporting offworld. After their successful ambush of a patrol of snowtroopers, Ruz turned on Aphra, but Lucky used a sniper rifle to kill Ruz. The three comrades then left the planet in the Ark Angel III.[1]

The crew traveled to the Shadow University in the Outer Rim and, after buying drinks in the cantina, met University student Detta Yao, who offered Aphra a chance to help her find the Rings of Vaale. Unbeknownst to the others, Ronen Tagge approached Lucky in the cantina regarding his younger brother Pak's outstanding debts. Offering to pay off the debts in exchange for loyalty and service, Lucky agreed to the arrangement to benefit his brother. Rejoining with the others, Lucky followed Aphra to the Ruins of Kolkur to find Aphra's former classmate, Doctor Eustacia Okka. However, as they tried to recruit her for their expedition, a group of mercenaries arrived on behalf of Ronen Tagge, who also wanted the rings. A firefight ensued, but the group was able to escape, with Okka agreeing to help them in hopes of being reinstated to the University. As they set course for the planet Dianth, Lucky warned the crew about Tagge's influence, saying that he would likely stop at nothing to get his hands on the rings.[1]

En route to Dianth, Okka's droid TA-418 played a message from Tagge to Okka and Aphra, and Lucky noted to Yao that someone with access to her droid must be helping Tagge pursue them. As Aphra told the crew about her past with Tagge, Lucky sat and cleaned his weapon. As they entered Vaale, Lucky began to hear a loud high-pitched noise that none of the other party members could hear. As the group ventured into the workshop of the Architects of Vaale and then underground into their sanctum, Lucky doubled back to the murals to look for clues on how to pass through the door along with Okka. When Yao attempted to use a code to open the door, it began to emit a loud sound. Lucky and Black Krrsantan both fired at the key, causing the noise to stop but the floor to collapse out from under them. Lucky, Krrsantan, and Okka fell while Aphra and Yao remained on the surface, where they were quickly surrounded by forces sent by Tagge.[8]

Lucky, Krrsantan, and Professor Okka made their way from where they fell to the Mausoleum of the Architects where the Ring of Fortune sat on a pedestal. Stealing the ring from Okka without her knowledge, the three regrouped with Aphra and Yao in time for the Tagge security forces to find them and secure the room.[5] Revealing that he possessed the Ring and was under the employ of the Tagges, Lucky ordered his troops to lock the expedition team in a cellar and bury the door behind rubble. Ordering that the Tagge fleet bombard the planet from orbit, Lucky and his team left Dianth behind to return to Ronen Tagge Cantonica and collect his payment. Arriving at Canto Bight, Lucky and his team were dismayed when Tagge cut the payment to a third because they failed to collect Professor Okka and the Ring of Immortality. Holding the threat of cutting off Lucky's brother over the mercenary's head, Lucky agreed to the pay cut and accepted a night at the Crescent Royale Casino for him and his team.[2] While in the casino, Lucky saw the news about the explosion on the Tagge Pavilion, rushing to get there. At the penthouse, he found Ronen Tagge still alive, took the Ring of Fortune for himself and informed Domina Tagge about the incident.[9]

Hunt for Aphra[]

When Domina Tagge placed a bounty on Doctor Aphra, Lucky and insectoid bounty hunter Kharrek tracked her down to the Arveesh Station. After escaping a group of different bounty hunters already Lucky managed to shoot down the speeder she used in her escape. Kharrek then incapacitated her with a dart laced with neurotoxin. They then took her to The Acquisitor using Kharrek's ship.

During their meeting with Domina Tagge, Aphra managed to steal Kharrek's blaster, incapacitate him with one of his own darts and turn on Lucky and Domina's assistant Lapin. Domina and Aphra agreed negotiate. After which she sent Lucky and Lapin away.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

"Just Lucky is a handsome smuggler and assassin. Laid-back and dangerous, he's in it for the money, not the glory. Lucky and Aphra have worked together, as well as against each other, on different jobs before, but neither of them ever takes it personally."
―Alyssa Wong[11]

Just Lucky first appeared in the first issue of the comic series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra which was written by Alyssa Wong, illustrated by Marika Cresta, and published by Marvel Comics[1] on May 4, 2020.[12] The character was revealed ahead of the issue's release on January 23, 2020 in a StarWars.com article that announced the comic series and provided information regarding its narrative and principle characters.[11]



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