The Justa starport was a subterranean complex on the moon Justa orbiting the planet Mutanda. The port had surface-level docking facilities with space for up to 50 light freighters. Larger bulk transports were assigned orbit around the satellite. It was jointly owned by BlasTech Industries, Czerka Arms, and Blethern Gas Industries. A truly corporate facility, ships stationed not owned by these companies were charged up to 200% of the standard cost for the same services. Apart from docking facilities, the starport had a bustling trade city. A great deal of trade was geared to the many hunting expeditions that came to Mutanda since most tourists had a great deal of disposable income. Illegal activities were ignored if they were handled with taxt out of view in secrecy. Horansi scouts and mercenaries for hire became common within the station.

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