The Justicars' Tower, also known as the Justicar Detention Center, was an abandoned Coruscant Security Force facility utilized by the Justicars' Brigade during the Cold War. In the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant, the Republic's resources were severely limited and Coruscant Security Forces were pulled from the area. In the ensuing chaos, gangs such as Black Sun moved in praying on the helpless Coruscanti. Angered by returning to homes and communities under siege, ex-Republic soldiers formed their own militia calling themselves the Justicars' Brigade.[2] They fought back the gangs and took control of an area known as Justicar territory. Seizing the abandoned CSF facility, they renamed it the Justicars' Tower and utilized it has their headquarters.[1] From here the Justicars ran their operations and maintained a prison facility where they would place persons they arrested.[3] During the early days of the Desolator crisis, a young Jedi Knight and the Padawan Kira Carsen raided the facility to locate the research team for the Planet Prison superweapon, only to find that the Sith Lord Tarnis had massacred the group and stolen the prototype.



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