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"It isn't enough to hurt the military arm of the Empire—you must frighten the sheep that feed it."
―JAN operative working in the Tapani Sector, name unknown[2]

The Justice Action Network, also known as Justice Action League or simply as JAN, was an Alderaanian terrorist organization founded after the Clone Wars by Earnst Kamiel and the parents of Jan Ors (who chose the organization's name as an homage to their daughter).


JAN agent operating in the Tapani sector.

Opposed to the official policy of pacifism and appeasement chosen for Alderaan by the planetary leader, Bail Prestor Organa, JAN used criminal activities to resist the Galactic Empire. Many of its surviving members later joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

The Rodian JAN leader Kelsek used a camp located on Mrlsst in the Tapani sector to train a new strike team before an assault on an Imperial Torpedo Sphere that was docked at Tallaan.

To spread their ideas about a galaxywide armed revolution against the Empire, JAN made use of virastack newsfiles, which were notorious for appearing in the middle of military training tapes, holoshows and swoop racing digests, among other types of holo-broadcasts.

In 2 ABY, the group sabotaged and destroyed a luxury starliner that was approaching Cadomai.[3]



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