Jydan was the main religion on V'shar, followed by the Ka'hren species.

A polytheist religion, it incorporated different branches, Ni'Shaw-Dak being the most important one during the Rebellion era. Ni'Shaw-Dak worshiped one of the Jydan gods, Ni'Shaw

Sacred texts of Jydan included the Jydan Writings and the Volumes of Truth. Both specified that each god was to provide their teachings (in the Writings) and their laws and ethics (in the Volumes) through the mouths of three individual prophets. Upon the Jydan Writings, the gods ruled the galaxy since the beginning of times, and they viewed the Ka'hren with preference.

Jydan was an aggressive religion: Jydan followers believed that innocent people of other religions were doomed, and thus it was not wrong to kill them.


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