Jyll Xon was a secretary working in the Metatheran Cartel's operations office in Gadrin. When most of the Cartel's personnel had been transferred to their base in the jungle, she and her supervisor, Manod Fea, were the only employees working in those offices. Although Fea left the office for two hours every day, Xon remained there full-time.[1]

Xon was not exceptionally bright. She was capable of doing her job, but she made lots of notes and memos to herself and kept her passcodes on a sheet taped beneath her desk. Her extra-wide smile sometimes scared young children, literally stretching from ear to ear. She was allergic to several of Cularin's plants, with Jo trees causing her to fall unconscious and convulse, though it was not life threatening. Despite these allergies, she loved flowers, and her significant other back on Caarimon regularly had flowers delivered to her.[1]

Xon wore a hidden transmitter on her left wrist that could summon Metatheran Cartel security forces.[1]


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