"Jyn's Trade" is the fourth episode of the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny' second season. It was released on March 19, 2018.[1]

Official description[]

A Chadra-Fan child snatches Jyn's kyber crystal necklace away and Jyn gives chase. When she finally catches the kid and retrieves her necklace, she realizes the child is just hungry and gives him her piece of fruit.

Plot summary[]

Jyn Erso is walking through the streets of a city on the planet Ord Mantell when she sees an Aleena merchant chasing away a Chadra-Fan boy, who is a thief. When Jyn asks the merchant if there is a problem, the merchant says "not if you can pay" and displays several fruits in a basket. Jyn manages to buy a fruit for herself by paying a Credit.

The merchant says she can get a whole lot more with her necklace but Jyn responds that it is not for sale. She is watched by the Chadra-Fan youngling, who is hiding on a roof. Jyn leaves with the fruit. While she is walking, the youngling thief slips down a pipe and steals her necklace. Jyn calls for the child to get back here as he scurries back up the pipe. Jyn gives chase. The boy hides under a large vase but Jyn catches up.

The youngling climbs another pipe and scales a building. After cross a gangplank, he throws it down to prevent Jyn from giving chase. Jyn uses her staff to catapult herself to the other building. The Chadra-fan boy flees down a chimney and Jyn realizes she is doing it the "hard way." When the boy emerges from the chute, Jyn corners him and tells him that she had a felling he would come back here. Holding the youngling's hand, Jyn tells him that the necklace is really important to her. Realizing that the boy is hungry, she gives him her fruit and tells him that is all she has to offer. The boy is grateful and thanks Jyn, who allows him to walk away.



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