"I think you'll be surprised and impressed at everything we're into."
―Jzoro Quanera, to a spacer[src]

Jzoro Quanera was a male Human underboss of the Chirq Council who lived on Corellia during the Galactic Civil War.

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"Well done thus far, but the most dangerous part is next. Trins Evnar reported to Kazic Pendre, who, in turn, reported to a man named Jzoro Quanera. You need to report to Jzoro and convince him that you're ready to move up in the organization."
Captain Baize, to a spacer[src]

By the time following the Battle of Yavin, Jzoro Quanera was a Chirq Council underboss who supervised all the criminal activities of the Chirq Council, mostly spice traffic, within and around the city of Doaba Guerfel. He was based in a bunker near Doaba Guerfel. People under his orders included Kazic Pendre, a businessman responsible for the Chirq Council cell in Doaba Guerfel.[1]

Circa 1 ABY,[2] the Corellian Security Force started an investigation against the Chirq Council following the increase of ryll traffic on Corellia.[3] Captain Vitala Baize decided to infiltrate the organization with a CorSec agent using the identity of Trins Evnar, a Chirq Council member working for Kazic Pendre in Doaba Guerfel. An independent spacer who previously worked for the CorSec therefore killed Trins Evnar, as well as every other Chirq Council criminals who used to know him, including Kazic Pendre.[4] As Jzoro Quanera did not know personally Trins Evnar, the CorSec agent assumed Evnar's identity towards him and successfully managed to lure the underboss. The spacer pretended that Kazic Pendre suddenly disappeared and that was the reason why the spacer went to him. The CorSec agent thus joined Quanera's group and started to work for the underboss.[1]

Jzoro's Bunker.

During that time, Jzoro Quanera was also trying to create a partnership between the Chirq Council and another criminal organization known as the Monumenters in order to increase his spice delivery capacities. For a first job, Quanera tasked the spacer to join a meeting between the Chirq Council and the Monumenters. The spacer headed to the meeting but killed the participants instead; and collected several crates of spice for the CorSec. The spacer later pretended that the Monumenters betrayed the Chirq Council and stole all the spice. As the spacer was the sole survivor of the meeting, Quanera was forced to believe that story. For a second mission, the underboss ordered to find and eliminate an informant who provided information to the CorSec about the Chirq Council.[1] The informant was Lilith Laughlin, a woman who helped the spacer to infiltrate the Chirq Council.[3] The spacer instead killed another woman, Ebela Puckett, a Grey Shroud terrorist and Captain Baize created evidences that the terrorist was working for CorSec. Once again, Jzoro Quanera was fooled and believed the agent. Having earn the trust of the underboss, the spacer was allowed to have full access to Jzoro Quanera's bunker, including its database. From Quanera's database, the CorSec obtained the identity of the nine elite councilors who ruled the Chirq Council and the locations of their secret headquarters.[1] The CorSec eventually assaulted the First and Second Elite Council Bunkers and killed all of the elite councilors. After their death, the Chirq Council quickly splintered.[5]

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