K'thri was an ancient style of martial arts dating back to the time of the Old Republic. The nature of K'thri was significantly different from that of the Echani style. Instead of using bold, brutal movements, K'thri instead focused on fast movements and fluid strikes, along with excellently balanced footwork to maintain the precision of the form. Since K'thri was primarily used in sporting events by athletes trained in a martial art, it also contained many flashier techniques and movements designed to impress an audience as much as to injure an opponent, thereby occasionally making it inefficient.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Attack Flurry[edit | edit source]

The art of K'thri focused on making many attacks in quick succession, using elegant maneuvers and overwhelming the opponent with multiple blows in a short amount of time. This technique was used to throw a flurry of attacks utilizing the strength in the legs of the K'thri artist, landing hit after hit after hit.

Rain of Blows[edit | edit source]

An accomplished K'thri fighter could launch an astonishing number of attacks within a single moment, striking over and over with elegant, flowing techniques that kept their opponents off balance and disoriented from the overwhelming number of attacks.

Successive Strikes[edit | edit source]

Each successful attack after the first initial blow dealt more and more damage into a concentrated spot. The K'thri artist was able to rain down a flurry of painful blows on his opponents' weak spots by concentrating their attacks with deadly accuracy using the hands and legs in combination.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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