"There was once a Jedi named K'ungfu."
―Yoda begins his tale[src]

K'ungfu was the protagonist of a story that the Jedi Master Yoda once heard from his own Master. According to the story, K'ungfu was a wise and strong Jedi Master, although less so than the Great Chuang. Upon hearing that Chuang's apprentice had died, K'ungfu sent a messenger to give his condolences. Later, when the messenger returned, K'ungfu learned that the Great Master was celebrating rather than mourning his pupil, because death only meant becoming a different part of the Force. K'ungfu regarded Chuang's answer as a great spiritual lesson.[1]

When Yoda recounted the story to Luke Skywalker centuries after hearing it for the first time, he did not know whether K'ungfu and Chuang were historical or fictional characters.[1]

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