"There was once a Jedi named K'ungfu."
―Yoda begins his tale[src]

K'ungfu was the protagonist of a story that the Jedi Master Yoda once heard from his own Master. According to the story, K'ungfu was a wise and strong Jedi Master, although less so than the Great Chuang. Upon hearing that Chuang's apprentice had died, K'ungfu sent a messenger to give his condolences. Later on, when the messenger returned, K'ungfu learned that the Great Master was celebrating rather than mourning his pupil, because death only meant becoming a different part of the Force. K'ungfu regarded Chuang's answer as a great spiritual lesson. When Yoda recounted the story to Luke Skywalker centuries after hearing it for the first time, he did not know whether K'ungfu and Chuang were historical or fictional characters.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

His name appears to be taken from the Chinese term kung fu, which means study and is often attributed to martial arts.


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