"While you are here, you will be expected to observe Wookiee customs, and it is my duty to ensure that you are familiar with those customs. Further, should you not be conversant in Shyriiwook, the most commonly spoken Wookiee language, I will be happy to act as your translator. It is, after all, my primary function."

K-27 was a green-plated Protocol droid with masculine programming who worked on the planet Kashyyyk. K-27 arrived with Turren Lonarr, president of the Temporary Droids rental service, which had a local office on the planet. He spoke Basic and Shyriiwook fluently, as well as the less-common Xaczik language of the Wartaki Islands.

Long overdue for a memory wipe, K-27 acquired the quirk of using body language similar to native speakers of whichever language he was currently conversing in. The droid was present when an outbreak of flame beetles threatened the locals where he was stationed, and his translation and knowledge of Kashyyyk assisted a group of spacers in dealing with the effects of the vermin.

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