"It is my unfortunate duty to translate the disgusting grunts of Gartogg, a Gamorrean of exceptionally low intelligence."

K-8LR was a polished, silver protocol droid that once belonged to Jabba Desilijic Tiure and Jiliac Desilijic Tiron prior to the Battle of Yavin.

Programmed to communicate with the Palace's Gamorrean guards, K-8LR once translated a message from Gartogg, calling upon hunters to eliminate wild animals that ran amok at the Palace's garbage pits.

K-8LR was assigned to Jabba's Mos Eisley townhouse. It helped Muftak and Kabe rob the place and escaped when they took off its restraining bolt.

The droid, however, did not escape. For the resulting burning of the town house, K-8LR was severely punished and replaced.

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