Arf K-9

K-9 droid, Arf

K-9 series of droids were a type of automated toy, designed to be a companion and plaything for young children.

Functions and componentsEdit

A K-9 was about forty centimeters long, and although it was intended to imitate a dog in both appearance and behavior, it had a box-like shape. Although images of the K-9 show the droid had four legs, it appears they moved via a small bank of repulsorlift coils located on the underside.

K-9's were voice controlled and could be programmed to respond only to specific individuals, such as their owner's. The model was equipped with standard, basic recording capabilities including audio and flatscreen video recording, which could be replayed by projecting the image from the optical sensors onto a flat surface, such as a wall. However, the series was not equipped with holorecording or playback capabilities.

A small panel on the back of a K-9 held a DNA-sample reader, which if pressed by someone with the correct clearance would open a secret panel hidden on the droid's body. The hatch could not be easily identified and could not be penetrated by most sensor scans. This made the droids useful for keeping safe items that the owner wanted to remain hidden—such as a lightsaber for example.


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