"I'm listening to K-DROID, my favorite station."

K-DROID,[1] also known as FM Droid, was a station that played Top 40 droid music[2] on frequency 109.7. It was the favorite station of G2-9T,[1] a G2 repair droid[3] working for the Star Tours travel agency.[1] In 4.3 ABY,[4] K-DROID broadcast "I Wanna Weld Your Hand," the latest hit from "Danny and the Droids," while G2-9T was listening to the station.[1]

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K-DROID was originally created for the[1] 1987[5] Disney simulator ride theme park attraction Star Tours, and could be heard playing in the ride's queue.[1] The station was alternatively identified as FM Droid in the Complete Guide to Star Tours, a document published by the Planning Office for Tokyo Disneyland Relations and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co..[2]

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