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"My designation is K1-1R. You have been positively identified as the subjects of bounty contract AA23, posted on behalf of the Metatheran Cartel. You will be frozen in carbonite and removed from the affairs of the Cartel indefinitely."
―K1-1R, to the Heroes of Cularin[3]

K1-1R was a military droid with a masculine persona who operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. While at one point he served a master, he later became independent and forged a career as a successful bounty hunter. During the Clone Wars, K1-1R joined forces with fellow bounty hunters Drokka and Shiana Trist to attempt to claim a large bounty that had been placed on the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents from the Cularin system. Trist and some droid drones controlled by K1-1R captured the agents inside a factory on the moon Nar Shaddaa, and the three hunters subsequently planned to freeze their captives in carbonite. However, when the agents broke free and attacked the bounty hunters, K1-1R was destroyed by blasterfire during the ensuing firefight.


"Our priority targets are those defined by Contract AA23. Korlana Toryn is expendable. She is the logical choice for testing the chamber."
"Logical? I don't see risking a Senator's wrath over the death of his daughter as being a 'logical' choice. Do you not have any confidence in your modifications?"
"The equipment was not designed to freeze living subjects. There is a significant risk of termination until I can recalibrate the chamber with a test subject."
―K1-1R and Shiana Trist[3]

K1-1R was a modified military protocol droid with a masculine personality who operated during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. For a time, K1-1R served a master, but after his owner tasked him with a mission that was guaranteed to result in K1-1R's destruction, the droid's survival programming overrode his sense of loyalty. K1-1R subsequently abandoned his owner and became fully independent, forging a career for himself as an assassin droid and a bounty hunter.[3]

Nar Shaddaa

By the time of the Clone Wars, K1-1R's droid model was considered outdated. Despite his antiquated design, K1-1R became a bounty hunter of some renown and was able to charge high fees for his services. He also cultivated a number of allies among those who opposed the Republic.[3] In about 20 BBY,[1] a bioweapon attack on the planet Caarimon was averted by the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents from the Cularin system. The incident generated publicity for the agents and led to the rediscovery of Contract AA23, a bounty for the capture of the agents that had been placed by the Metatheran Cartel envoy Velin Wir more than ten years earlier, and which had compounded over time to an accumulated value of AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png500,000 for the agents' arrest. K1-1R learned of the bounty, and he teamed up with the Rodian bounty hunter Drokka and the Human assassin Shiana Trist to attempt to apprehend the agents and claim the prize. K1-1R acted as the trio's tactical leader; they contrived to ensnare the agents during an errand that the agents were to make to the moon Nar Shaddaa to rendezvous with Korlana Toryn, the daughter of the influential Republic Senator Jasso Toryn.[3]

K1-1R appropriated a carbon-freezing chamber inside a Nar Shaddaa gas processing center, and the bounty hunters planned to ambush the Heroes of Cularin as they journeyed through a nearby factory with Toryn. The military droid sent six G-2RD seeker droids to track the agents through the factory complex, and, after a brief fight, Trist and the seeker droids incapacitated Toryn and the agents, imprisoning them inside the carbon-freezing chamber. For twenty minutes, K1-1R, Drokka, and Trist debated what to do with Toryn, whom they had not planned to capture. At K1-1R's suggestion, the trio agreed to test the carbon-freezing facility on Toryn and recalibrate it, to make the machinery suitable for preserving living beings, then freeze the freelancers in carbonite. However, as K1-1R moved to lower Toryn into the chamber, the agents broke free and attacked the three bounty hunters. They incapacitated K1-1R, but he soon rebooted, his systems came back online, and engaged the agents in combat once more. Despite the bounty hunters' efforts, the Heroes of Cularin emerged victorious,[3] and blasterfire from the agents destroyed K1-1R and turned him into a pile of molten slag.[2]


"I hope you rust apart you tin can!"
―Korlana Toryn, to K1-1R[3]

K1-1R was a humanoid-type assassin droid with a sleek, featureless head in the shape of that of a Human. Instead of eyes, K1-1R had a single sensor scanner on his face that glowed a red color as he spoke. He was plastered with carbon scoring, and his body was covered in a patchwork of repairs from the many firefights in which he had participated. K1-1R was also fitted with a shield generator and a remote processor broadcast array, with which he remotely controlled droid drones and used them as extensions of his will. In addition, he had a vocabulator, which gave him an emotionless, mechanical-sounding voice.[3]

A killing machine who was designed to give outstanding performance in both field and command roles, K1-1R had a reputation for elaborate planning, and he considered all of the options that were open to him before committing himself to a particular course of action. Motivated solely by profit, he had an emotionless and callous demeanor and pursued targets in a precise, calm, and efficient manner. He had an unflinching will to complete tasks for which he was hired, and those who worked with him believed that the droid was almost happy when engaged in an assignment. To that end, he was prepared to fight dirty and to the death, and even to sacrifice children, if doing so aided the attainment of his goals. During his mission to capture the Heroes of Cularin, K1-1R was prepared to risk the life of Korlana Toryn and thereby incur the wrath of her Republic-allied father, because he believed that the Republic could not threaten him. However, in times of need K1-1R's survival subroutines overrode his primary programming and caused him to act in self-defense. He had strong leadership programming and, consequently, often assumed command of situations and gave orders to those around him, presuming that all of his directions would be obeyed. When such expectations were not met, K1-1R became slightly perplexed and froze for a few seconds before regaining his composure. He was fitted with a heuristic processor and a translator unit, and he also had 360-degree vision and the ability to perceive infrared light.[3]


K1-1R owned droid drones that he controlled remotely via his broadcast array, including over three dozen modified Arakyd G-2RD seeker droids equipped with G-20 Glop grenades, and several modified D516 assassin droids. He used the droids to track targets and to assail his opponents in situations in which he was unable to become directly involved in combat; he could control the droids from a distance of up to fifty kilometers. The battle droid armed himself with a variety of weapons, including a blaster carbine, a light repeating blaster, a flamethrower, and a vibro-ax. However, despite his use of such lethal devices, K1-1R preferred to use stun weapons to capture his targets alive, because most bounties promised a higher payoff for live capture. In addition, K1-1R was equipped with an encrypted comlink.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

―K1-1R, if he malfunctions, ordering his droid drones to attack organic beings[3]

K1-1R was created by Russell Foubert and Sean Yo, and appeared in Contract AA23, a 2004 roleplaying adventure that formed part of the Living Force campaign.[3] He later received an entry in the 2008 compendium The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[2] In Contract AA23, the players roleplay as K1-1R's targets, the Heroes of Cularin, and the choices made by the player-characters can influence the decisions and actions of K1-1R. Firstly, when the player-characters are attacked by Shiana Trist and K1-1R's seeker drones in the Nar Shaddaa factory, it is possible for K1-1R to send in additional seekers as reinforcements. Following the agents' capture, if K1-1R is informed that Contract AA23 is to be canceled, he attempts to freeze the player-characters in carbonite quickly, so that he can claim the bounty before it is rescinded. It is also possible for K1-1R to succeed at freezing Korlana Toryn and for the carbon-freezing chamber to fail after encasing Toryn, in which case a power capacitor inside the facility explodes and showers K1-1R with ion plasma. Alternately, the player-characters can use the Force to destroy the carbon-freezing machinery and to smother K1-1R with plasma in a similar manner. Furthermore, it is possible for K1-1R to malfunction during the encounter, causing him to order his droid drones to attack all organic beings in the facility, including his bounty hunter allies.[3]

A number of different fates could befall K1-1R during Contract AA23,[3] but his official fate within Star Wars Legends contiuity was established by The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which confirmed that he was destroyed by the Heroes of Cularin.[2] In the roleplaying adventure, it was possible for him to escape, for him to be captured by the player-characters, or for him to destroyed, either by the player-characters or as a result of an ion rifle attack by the agents' Caarite ally, Hohn Ryntz. The adventure also established that if K1-1R was destroyed, the player-characters had the option of looting parts from his remains and fitting them to their own droids.[3]



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