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K2-B4 was a T-series military strategic analysis and tactics droid of feminine programming who served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the time of the Clone Wars. Assigned to the Lola Sayu system, she was placed in command of a Separatist defense fleet. K2-B4 also served as the second-in-command of Phindian Commandant Osi Sobeck, who headed the Confederacy's Citadel prison on the planet Lola Sayu.


K2-B4 assisted Warden Osi Sobeck in running the Citadel.

During the Clone Wars, K2-B4 assisted Commander Osi Sobeck in guarding Jedi Master Even Piell, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin and their officers while they were being tortured for information on the Nexus Route. K2-B4 then scanned a supply shuttle's cargo. However, K2-B4 then informed Sobeck that the supply shuttle never arrived.[3]

K2-B4 then informed Sobeck that Count Dooku was waiting to speak with him via hologram. Sobeck was forced to disappoint Dooku, and subsequently ordered K2-B4 to never surprise him with a transmission from the Count ever again. K2-B4 then discovered the missing supply shuttle and had R2-D2's battle droids taken to the interrogation center. She was later aware of the reprogramming and alerted all Citadel guards to capture them.[4]

K2-B4 captures R2-D2

K2-B4 was then placed in command of the blockade aboard a Lucrehulk-class Battleship to ensure that nothing would get through. However, when a rescue fleet under the command of four Jedi Masters arrived, K2-B4 failed to prevent them from entering the planet's atmosphere, and the Jedi successfully extracted the remaining members of the team as they headed back to Coruscant.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

K2-B4 was voiced by Ashley Eckstein, who also provided the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the series. She is the first tactical droid whose designation does not begin with a "T."[source?]

K2-B4 was named by the production crew for the basketball player Kobe Bryant, who wore a basketball jersey accompanied by the number 24 during the latter part of his career. The droid's color scheme reflects that of Bryant's team, the Los Angeles Lakers,[1] who had won a championship as the model for K2-B4 was completed.[6]



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