"If the droid is well maintained, you may end up in trouble."
―"Gunman," as quoted in Cynabar's Droid Datalog, v.4.7.1[src]

The K4 security droid was a model of droid produced by the Rim Securities company. It was regarded as a dependable unit and was quite popular in the Outer Rim Territories, but was known to have difficulty targeting while moving quickly. K4 units were armored and equipped with an internal blaster rifle.

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"The K4 is a solid design, though I've noticed that the targeting package's accuracy decreases when the droid moves too quickly."
―"Callin," as quoted in Cynabar's Droid Datalog, v.4.7.1[src]

The K4 was a fourth degree security droid noted for its solid and dependable design. It was largely humanoid, possessing two arms and an elongated, boxy head. It stood on two autobalanced legs, on which it was able to move quite quickly. Its body was armored, and its left arm was equipped with an integrated blaster rifle.[1]

While a solid design, the K4 had a small glitch that often caused its legs to move out of sync with its sensor system while the droid was moving at speed; this could be averted by regularly aligning and cleaning both the blaster rifle housing and the gyros within the droid's autobalance legs, though a carefully placed blaster bolt could knock either component back out of alignment. This flaw was often thought to be a problem within the K4's targeting package itself.[1]


"Most often found in the service of private corporations, local governments (and even crimelords), the K4 is a solid, dependable droid."
Cynabar's Droid Datalog, v.4.7.1[src]

The K4 was a product of Rim Securities, a manufacturer based in the Portmoak sector that predominantly manufactured defense, security, and exploratory droids. They sold their products through the company-owned DroidMart chain of service and retail outlets found throughout the Portmoak, Parmel, and Quence sectors. While the K4 was a generally well-received product, Rim Securities' strong presence in the Outer Rim Territories meant the K4 was most popular in this region.[1]

K4 Security Droid

A K4 security droid employed by Spaceport Security on Lamuir IV

The K4 was often found in the employ of private corporations and local governments.[1] Spaceport Security on Lamuir IV, in the Tapani sector, purchased several K4 droids to supplement their manned security patrols; these droids were upgraded with SkillWare that provided them with knowledge of local law enforcement procedures.[3] The droids were also popular with crime lords.[1]

When the New Republic sent the FarStar, a heavily modified Corellian Corvette, into the depths of the Kathol sector in pursuit of Moff Kentor Sarne, six K4 security droids were included in the droid pool. They were under the command of the ship's security officer, Gorak Khzam, and were almost always silently standing their posts throughout the ship. Two were assigned to the command center, one to the armory, two in the landing bay, and one in the ship's engineering section. As many worlds responded poorly to potentially deadly droids acting independently, the ship's K4 complement were not expected to leave it.[2]

K4 security droids in the galaxyEdit

Individual K4 units were found in other venues. One unit was part of a security detail on board the Hard Shell, a Kuat Drive Yards Class-7 Repair Vessel.[4] Another, K4X4, was owned by Suraya, a cautious black marketeer on the planet Tasariq who purchased the droid to protect him from suspected reprisals by Jabba the Hutt.[5]



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