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The KE-8 Enforcer was a repulsorlift patrol craft used by the Kaminoan cloners to monitor the cloning facilities on Kamino.


The KE-8 was a single-being craft, measuring thirteen meters in height and four meters across. While capable of space flight and technically designated as a starfighter, the KE-8 was commonly relegated to planetary operations, and was fitted with no offensive weapons.


KE-8 Enforcers in Tipoca City.

To keep clones in line and detect aberrants, the KE-8 was armed with a sophisticated sensor suite and an electroshock stun device. It also had a pair of manipulator arms that could be used to move materials many times the vessel's weight, although those generally required a co-pilot to operate. The KE-8 had fine repulsor control, and could hover in place for extended periods of time.

KE-8 Enforcers were used for isolating clones straying from the process and for finding new and better ways to deal with them. Pilots were commonly specialists in the detection of genetic mutations and aberrant development. KE-8s were also used at the opposite end of the spectrum, and would use their sensors to pick out promising warriors from clone trooper ranks. These individuals would then be recommended for advanced training, set to become cross-trained clone trooper commanders, clone commandos, or Advanced Recon Commandos.



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