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The KLR series combat droids were bipedal droids designed by the Galactic Republic Army Weapons Research Department during the Clone Wars in the Tembora Research Station on the rogue planetoid Tembora.

They were successfully designed to employ the most sophisticated droid tactical programming and have the highest survivability of any combat droid which was in use at the time, and was able to defeat any other droid in one on one combat at its time. Each droid was armed with a vibroblade, blaster carbine, and heavy grasping arm in one arm and a repeating blaster in the other. Unfortunately the very programming that it was designed to have also caused the first prototype, KLR-B1, to turn into a psychopath. Because of this, the technicians attempted to shut down all of the prototypes. They successfully shut down KLR-B2, KLR-B3, and KLR-B4, but somehow KLR-B1 managed to escape this and murdered everyone on the stations.