The KM1 mining droid was a quadrupedal mining droid designed for the mining and excavation of valuable ores.


The KM1 was short and crab-like in appearance. It was very sturdy and included a shield generator to protect it from environmental hazards. They were not considered particularly intelligent, but they were skilled miners. The droid was equipped with two laser cutters, which could be used either for mining or self-defense. Each droid cost 21,880 credits.[1]

A heavy-duty excavation version of the droid had upgraded heavy laser cutters and neutronium armor.[1]


The KM1 was used extensively during the Old Republic era. Many were used to extract fuel at the Peragus Mining Facility before its destruction in 3,951 BBY. They usually operated in small groups, and were overseen by an organic or droid supervisor. Duwani built several variants of the mining droid on the KM1 chassis for specific mining operations.[1]



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