KMD-RA-71 was a silver-plated RA-7 protocol droid with masculine programming that served the Galactic Empire. It was present in Jedha City on the moon of Jedha in the year 0 BBY. When the Galactic Empire evacuated its forces from Jedha, KMD-RA-71 was "accidentally" left behind by his owner, and looked up to see the Star Destroyer Dauntless departing. The Empire then destroyed Jedha City with the Death Star superweapon.


KMD-RA-71 was an RA-7 protocol droid[2] with masculine programming who served the Galactic Empire[4] and spent time on the moon of Jedha[5] in the year 0 BBY.[6] The droid was walking through a street filled with market stalls in Jedha City when a pair of children dashed past it, causing KMD-RA-71 to pause in front of three members[5] of the Central Isopter cult[2][5] and turn to look at the area where the children had been.[5]

When the Galactic Empire evacuated its forces from Jedha, KMD-RA-71 was "accidentally" left behind by his owner[4] and looked up at the sky as the[5] Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Dauntless[2][5] departed from above Jedha City. Shortly afterward, the Empire's Death Star superweapon fired upon Jedha City, destroying it.[5] Leaving KMD-RA-71 behind would have brought his owner a short reprieve from having to deal with an RA-7 unit, which were considered unpleasant, before the Imperial Security Bureau assigned him a new one.[4]


Like all RA-7 protocol droids, KMD-RA-71 was manufactured by Arakyd Industries[1] and stood 1.7 meters tall.[3] It had silver plating and black broadband photoreceptors with anti-glare coating.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"We were talking to one another before we went on to do our bits but I did notice that he kept wandering off or going in the wrong direction, and it wasn't until he took his head off that he said he couldn't see anything."
―Fellow droid performer Dee Tails speaks about Nathan Plant's experiences as KMD-RA-71[src]

Nathan Plant had issues seeing while in the KMD-RA-71 costume.

KMD-RA-71 was portrayed by creature and droid performer Nathan Plant in the 2016 Anthology film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,[7] first appearing in the film's second story trailer.[8] The droid was not identified in Rogue One[5] but did receive a designation by Pablo Hidalgo in the accompanying reference book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide,[2] which was released on the same day as the film.[9]

Plant—who also portrayed 4D6-J-A7 in Rogue One and one of the Hassk triplets in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens—had extremely limited vision while wearing the KMD-RA-71 costume, as the lenses kept on fogging up while he was on set.[7]



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