The KRT 410C was a podracer engine model produced by Kurtob prior to the Invasion of Naboo. During the Boonta Eve Classic held before that conflict, a KRT 410C was used by the crime lord Kam Nale—otherwise known as Elan Mak.


The machine was outclassed by most other racers after its discontinuation, having lower speed, loose control, and very lax traction compared to other racing machines circa 40 BBY. The KRT had semi-decent acceleration but, if the machine had one potentially redeeming factor, it was its Top-Boost threshold, which more than doubled the design's intended limits. This meant that the 410C could potentially boast a maximum velocity approaching 820kph, but this was not advisable, as perfoming at that speed could overheat the engines. Speeds over 1000 kph were recorded utilizing the KRT-410C's overdrive "design flaw", but this was achieved only after intense and very expensive modifications. In addition, the 410C sported retro-styled asymmetrical engine housings.


Just prior to the Invasion of Naboo, this engine model was notorious for its lackluster performance, despite being well suited for advanced pilots during its original production, but that was some 40 years before the Boonta Eve Classic of young Anakin Skywalker's fame.

Although few pilots held the 410C in high esteem, there were small circles of enthusiasts who praised its unique combination of loose handling and superior overdrive capabilities. In obscure instances, these traits even proved to be a winning combination for seasoned pilots. Victories such as these, utilizing comparatively out-dated craft to pass all opponents, were known to happen but were also somewhat rare. Kam Nale, however, finished fifth in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace when using this engine model.



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