"KX-series droids are hardened against intrusion. Getting past their programming is a challenge."
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KX-series security droids,[1] also referred to as enforcer droids,[6] were a model of security droid manufactured by Arakyd Industries that was in service to the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.[1] They were present on both Jedha and the Imperial facility on Scarif. K-2SO[4] and K-4D8 were examples of these droids.[7]


"KX droids have a long range of combat capabilities, excellent probability analysis algorithms, and direct access to the Imperial datanet."
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A pair of KX-series security droids.

Enforcer droids came equipped with a built-in comm package, recharge port, and a computer interface arm that allowed them to connect with standard communication frequencies for areas they were assigned to. The Imperial crest was imprinted on the side of each shoulder,[8] one of which could be emblazoned in gold if the droid had received an enhanced status.[7] The droids were designed with exaggerated human proportions but with the mobility of a human athlete. They were able to operate a variety or tools and equipment and can carry gear without becoming exhausted.[8]

While the Imperial Senate had prohibited the creation of battle droids, Arakyd was able to use a loophole in the law by marketing the KX-series as "security droids." They were programmed without the standard restriction against harming organic sentient lifeforms.[8]

The KX-series droids were programmed to speak and interact with people, but were not as proficient at it as protocol droids were. They could handle a wide range of tasks, including escorting dignitaries, protecting important people and defending Imperial installations.[2] The droids were also programmed to recognize and defer to Imperial Military officers ranked Lieutenant or higher.[8]

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