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The KX9 laser cannon was a powerful laser cannon produced by the Taim & Bak weapons company and could operate both in and out of space. They were considerably more powerful than those on the various TIE models.


An X-wing firing all four KX9 lasers

The laser cannon was used in the T-65 X-wing starfighter. Four of these laser cannons, one mounted at the end of each of the X-wing's S-foils, provided the starfighter with considerable punch. Located near the tip of the KX9 was a magnetic flashback suppressor, which stopped any overcharged blasts from damaging the cannon. These powerful cannons could be fired singularly, in offset pairs, or all at once.


The Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons saw action in several notable battles during the Rise of the Empire era and the Rebellion era because of their involvement with popular military vehicles.

The KX9's were present at the Battle of Yavin onboard the T-65 X-wings, which were instrumental in the success of the Rebels.

The laser cannons appeared again during the Battle of Hoth on the T-65's, which were escorting the rebel transports past the Imperial fleet and the AT-AT's which were assaulting the Rebel ground base.

They were also involved in the Battle of Endor on the X-wing's, which assaulted the incomplete second Death Star.

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