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The KYD-21 was a blaster pistol favored by bounty hunters and assassins during the decades leading up to the establishment of the Galactic Empire.


This compact blaster was crafted from hadrium alloy, and featured a ridged handgrip with guardless trigger. The muzzle featured a brake to absorb the emitter flash, and both the igniter pin and blaster gas loading port were located on the grip beneath the barrel. The pistol was noted for its impressive stopping power, despite its small size, and, though expensive, became popular amongst assassins for its subtlety.


Granta Omega used this pistol to kill Darra Thel-Tanis on Korriban.[2]


Granta Omega's KYD-21 blaster pistol.

Zam Wesell wielded a KYD-21 as her primary weapon, sometimes used in conjunction with a projectile rifle which fellow bounty hunter Jango Fett insisted she use. The clone commando Darman Skirata wielded a KYD-21 during the Clone Wars, and Ghez Hokan was known to carry a custom version.



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