"I trust Ka'Pa exactly as far as I can throw him. And I can't."
―Kyle Katarn[src]

Ka'Pa was a Hutt, and crime rival to Takara.


Like many crime lords of his kind, Ka'Pa employed numerous Gamorrean guards and posted them throughout his throne room. He also had a protocol droid handy which is a Hutt staple.[1]

During the waning days of the Old Republic, Ka'Pa owned a Twi'lek dancing girl named B'inka Fibuna who escaped his clutches, earning a live bounty on her head, which was eventually claimed by Jango Fett.[2]

Ka'Pa was involved in several criminal activities such as slavery, spice trading, and arms dealing. After the death of Jabba the Hutt by Luke Skywalker and company, Ka'Pa mistrusted the New Jedi Order, but established a business relationship with the New Republic–one of the only Hutts to do so.[1]

New Republic entanglementsEdit

Ka'Pa was offered amnesty by the New Republic in exchange for supplying them with resources. Mara Jade was sent to negotiate; however due to Ka'Pa's preudice against the Jedi she was denied entrance and had to break into his palace and "negotiate" by force. .[1]

Confronting kapa

Ka'Pa confronted by Mara Jade

Ka'Pa asked her to bring him back Takara's Global Communications Transponder device in order to help the Republic. After Mara succeeded her mission and gave the GCT to Ka'Pa, the Hutt offered the supplies as a gift, in return for Mara's silence: GCT was illegal, and Mara, being an honest Jedi, would report it to Mon Mothma.[1]

Ka'Pa maintained contact with Mara Jade as well as Kyle Katarn,who had been a long time-contact of Ka'Pa's, both of whom served as the Hutt's liaison with the New Republic.[3]

Odd celebrityEdit

"Everyone in the galaxy uses that same image of Jabba, and we're sick of it."
―Riccix editors[src]

Ka'Pa was somewhat of a celebrity, because Riccix's Revised Basic Holodictionary featured an image of him in the entry on Hutts. The image was taken by the famous holographer, Bovit Leebo, who was soon killed by Ka'Pa. When Leebo died, the image fell into public domain, and was quickly snatched up by the editors at Riccix.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ka'Pa the Hutt was voiced by Roger Jackson.[1] Ka'Pa's dialogue was specially written in Huttese by Ben Burtt.[4]



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