"Don't interrupt me, boy! Show up tonight and there'll be hell to pay. You understand?"

Ka'arn was a Human male, living on the planet of Ceriun about 1000 BBY. He was killed by his son, Tenno during a fight to possess a holocron.


A native of Ceriun, a primitive agrarian world, Ka'arn was one of the leaders of Drop Canyon village. When a starship crash landed near the village, Ka'arn and several others went to the site to investigate. There, they found a mortally-wounded Jedi, who gave them a holocron to keep safe until yet other Jedi came to claim it.

Ka'arn's son, Tenno, overheard his father discussing the holocron with Morro, a village elder. He plotted to steal the holocron by force, in the hope that the Sith would take him and his friends away with them from Ceriun out of appreciation. Tenno had a dysfunctional relationship with Ka'arn, who was a harsh disciplinarian, and physically abusive towards his son. When Ka'arn found out that one of the other village boys had been talking of the Sith, he suspected Tenno of eavesdropping on him, and instructed him not to come to a meeting that was planned to decide what to do with the holocron.

When the men and elders of Drop Canyon village met, Tenno and his companions armed themselves and intruded upon the gathering. Ka'arn was furious that he was defied by his son, and lunged at him to hit him. Tenno stabbed Ka'arn in the chest, killing him. This act of patricide quickly escalated into a brawl between the youths and men of the village, during which several others were killed. Ultimately, Tenno was himself betrayed when a tattooed Sith Lord arrived to take the holocron.



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