The Ka'hren were sentient humanoids indigenous to V'shar.[1]

This long-lived, long-armed, big-handed species was known to have thick flesh protecting their internal organs from physical damage. They had fur only in their temples and forearms; big teeth; and a crested forehead. A Ka'hren's skin color ranged from dark red to black, but the usual colors included blue and purple.[1]

Until contact with other species, the Ka'hren did not feel a need to record past facts, and thus their historic memory was at best distorted; for instance, the legendary Unfyr warriors were all but forgotten. However, they honored what they knew about their past, trying to keep their ancestor's way to the best of their skills. Due to their vast respect towards their old people, Ka'hren elders were commonly elected to lead the government of V'shar.[1]

The government of V'shar was a representative democracy with a great amount of theocracy: Leaders were elected to represent each of the religions in V'shar. There are seven nations in V'shar, each of them with one "main" leader plus other "lesser" leaders representing less-popular religions.[1]

Ka'hrens were devoted to their religion (called Jydan) and traditions, although there were many religions on V'shar during the Rebellion era. Each religion was supposed to be devoted to one particular god, but also to pay tribute to each of the gods. Upon the sacred Jydan Writings, a god's teachings were to be written by the three prophets of that god, and the Volumes of Truth, also written by the three prophets of each gods, would tell of that god's laws and ethics. Upon their religion, the galaxy was ruled by the gods since the beginning of time, and the gods provided their favor to the Ka'hren species.[1]

Ka'hrens were so respectful with each other that they could not grasp the idea of betrayal until they were contacted by other species. Due to their dislike of "treacherous" species, they remained an isolationist species: If one individual Ka'hren wanted to leave V'shar, he was to receive specific permission from each of the nation leaders on V'shar.[1]

Their contact with other species altered their idea of recording historical facts, which led to the creation of the University of Timb in V'shar.[1]

One of the most popular religions as of 2 ABY was Ni'Shaw-Dak, a relatively recent sect created by Kaltor Naklian.[1]



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