"Good day citizen. Nowhere on Naboo is more beautiful than Kaadara this time of year, am I right? Of course I am."
―Colonel Quarsh Panaka, to a citizen[src]

Kaadara was a small oceanside city on Naboo. Founded thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin as a lavish retreat for Naboo royalty, the city was unique among Naboo cities because the local populace welcomed interactions with the native Gungans. Under the city's first regent, Kallos Sook, the Gungans were allowed to serve as the city's security force. Following Naboo's integration with the Galactic Republic, Kaadara became a popular tourist destination, and this continued well into the height of the New Order, when the city became a favorite of many high-ranking Imperial Moffs. During the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Kaadara was garrisoned by Imperial forces in an effort to crack down on rebellious activity on Naboo. Meanwhile, the Royal Naboo Security Force, having since supplanted the Gungan defense force, fought hard to defend the city from criminal elements, including those belonging to a gang of renegade slicers known as the Skaak Tippers. Under the rule of Queen Kylantha, Kaadara also played host to the Festival of Love, where it welcomed Ewoks from the Bright Tree Village of Endor to share their rich culture with the people of Naboo.

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Located along a scenic coastline in the northern reaches of Naboo, Kaadara was one of the planet's most luxurious tourist destinations. The small city was well known for its outdoor cafés, beautiful beaches, and leisurely way of life. By the time of the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the city had grown to become a major center of commerce. The architecture of the city's buildings was reminiscent of those found throughout many of the world's other city's, such as Theed. The city consisted of the Kaadara Starport, and many other venues and amenities, including a cantina, theater, hotel, medical center and bank. The southern boundary of the city saw the construction of an Imperial Post,[2] established by the Empire during their efforts to crack down on the Rebellion.[3] The central area of Kaadara included a plaza with the city's hotel and four association halls. South of the plaza was the city's cantina, bank and medical center. Kaadara also had a small industrial area, next to which was a parking garage which offered speeder repairs, and a shuttle port which offered travel service to other cities of Naboo.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

A small industrial area of Kaadara

Around 3900 BBY, a group of Humans from the Core World of Grizmallt colonized Naboo.[4] About a thousand years later,[2] around 2900 BBY,[1] the small city of Kaadara was founded along a scenic coastline in the northern reaches[2] of the Mid Rim[5] planet. The city was originally designed as a lavish retreat for Naboo royalty and their large entourages. Early in its history, Kaadara was unique among Naboo cities because the local populace welcomed, and even encouraged, interactions with the native Gungans. Kaadara's first regent, Kallos Sook, actually hired a large contingent of Gungans to serve as the city's security force. For many centuries, these Gungan mercenaries lived on the outskirts of Kaadara, protecting the retreat and its visitors from wild animals and outlaws.[2]

Republic era[edit | edit source]

As Naboo gradually expanded its contact with other Republic worlds, Kadaara became a favorite destination for visiting dignitaries and wealthy travelers.[2] In 54 BBY,[6] the wife and two sons of Senator Vidar Kim were killed in a tragic starship accident over the city.[7] Unfortunately for the populace, the increasing presence of outsiders led the suspicious Gungans to abandon their role as protectors of Kaadara. In the Gungans stead, the Naboo installed a small garrison of Royal Naboo Security Force officers to patrol the city. These forces would be bolstered ten-fold whenever the current Monarch of Naboo arrived in Kaadara. Without the Gungans culling the local creatures, many native, but relatively harmless animal populations bred uncontrollably. This made the area around Kaadara a prime hunting ground for the pampered elite.[2] After the defeat of the Trade Federation[2] at the Battle of Naboo[8] in 32 BBY,[4] Queen Padmé Amidala encouraged the Kaadara regent to renew the city's long relationship with the Gungans. Many Gungans actually relocated to the city and, along with settlers from other worlds, formed the basis of Kaadara's powerful working class.[2]

Imperial era[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Barn Sinkko inducted Imperial Navy pilots into the Imperial Inquisition during his time in Kaadara.

"Take out as many of them as you can. Then find their leader, Jonni Skaak, and take him down as well. If you succeed, they won't be planning an attack on Kaadara again any time soon."
―Colonel Quarsh Panaka, instructing a spacer to wipe out the Skaak Tippers[src]

Since the Galactic Empire's arrival on Naboo[2] in 18 BBY,[9][10] Kaadara's entrenched Gungan population was largely overlooked, perhaps because Imperial forces realized that the city, which was a favorite of many high-ranking Moffs, would collapse without its able Gungan workforce.[2] During the Galactic Civil War, Rebel insurgents launched attacks on Kaadara in an attempt to occupy the city.[2][11] In an effort to crack down on this kind of Rebel activity, Kaadara was garrisoned by Imperial forces.[3] One Imperial officer, a Zabrak named Colonel Darkstone, considered retiring to a small place near Kaadara,[2] and Chief Inquisitor Loam Redge traveled to the city on at least one occasion.[12] In fact, the city had become something of a base of operations for a special unit of Imperial Inquisition pilots during this time. Lieutenant Barn Sinkko of the Imperial Navy was based there, and was responsible for inducting pilots into this secretive Inquisitorius squadron.[13]

Kaadara, by now considered a major center of commerce, also became a hub for criminal elements. Smugglers, mercenaries and bounty hunters became a common sight, forcing those with a price on their head to steer clear of the city's seedier areas.[2] A criminal organization led by Jonni Skaak known as the Skaak Tippers were also responsible for terrorizing the peaceful inhabitants of the city. Sergeant Willoc of the RNSF went missing while investigating a Skaak Tipper plot to steal bank terminals from Kaadara, hack into them, and gain access to the bank accounts of everyone in the city. However, their plans were foiled by Colonel Quarsh Panaka,[14] an Imperial loyalist[15] who still oversaw activities in the RNSF by the time following the Battle of Yavin[2] in 0 BBY.[4] Queen Kylantha meanwhile extended invitations to the Ewoks of Endor to visit Naboo for annual celebrations of the Festival of Love. Despite being suspicious of outsiders, shaman Logray agreed to partake in the festivities along with Chief Chirpa and other representatives of the Bright Tree Village. Both Kaadara and the capital of Theed played host to these festivities, allowing the the tribe the opportunity to share their rich culture with the galaxy.[2][16]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

"Coordinating the release of Imperial hostages has its challenges but also a high level of stress. After my retirement, I think I'll get a little place on Naboo near Kaadara."
―Colonel Darkstone, to an Imperial soldier[src]

The city of Kaadara was founded and inhabited by the people of Naboo. Early on, Kaadara was unique among the cities of Naboo because its populace welcomed the planet's native Gungans. Under the regency of Kallos Sook, these Gungans served as the city's early security force. While the importance of the Gungan population diminished following Naboo's integration with the Galactic Republic, they once again formed the basis of Kaadara's powerful working class under the rule of Queen Amidala. During the height of the New Order, Kaadara became a favorite of many high-ranking Imperial Moffs, and an appealing retirement destination. As a garrisoned Imperial city, the streets of Kaadara saw plentiful stormtrooper patrols, including specialized stormrifles, stormsnipers and stormmedics, among others, who were augmented by members of the Naboo police. All Terrain Scout Transports also accompanied these Imperial street patrols. During times of Rebel occupation, the streets were overrun by various soldiers of the Rebel Alliance, including commandos belonging to the Alliance Special Forces. Otherwise, the city was nominally affiliated with the Galactic Empire, and served as a base of operations for many Imperial activities.[2] Lieutenant Barn Sinkko of the Imperial Navy was based out of one of the city's association halls,[13] while an undercover Imperial Security Bureau agent named Leb Slesher conducted business in the city's cantina. Slesher was served by yet another Human named Tamvar Senzen who stayed at the Kaadara hotel. Lieutenants Maximilian Vox and Harmon Vintollo were also stationed in the city, as was Colonel Panaka,[2] an Imperial loyalist[15] who combated the Skaak Tippers in service of the Royal Naboo Security Force. Colonel Panaka thought highly of Kaadara, believing it to be one of the most beautiful places on Naboo.[2] A pirate named Ketter Yaaran also frequented the city's cantina. In addition to its sizeable staff of Imperial officers and other Human residents and visitors, Kaadara was inhabited by a number of Gungans, including Mullud Bombo and Huff Zinga. A Gotal named Dakk also worked as an armorsmith in Kaadara for the Nal Raka Criminal Empire.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Kaadara appeared as a city on Naboo in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts, prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.[2][17] In an effort to improve the Star Wars "look and feel" of the game, the developers added a stronger Imperial presence to Kaadara as part of the "Imperial Crackdown" update.[11] This entailed the implementation of a small Imperial base south of the city's starport. While Kaadara was officially recognized as an Imperial city both in the game[2] and in other sources, such as the The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia,[3] it was possible for the Rebel Alliance to occupy the city during the course of the Galactic Civil War's planetary control game. As a result, banners featuring the Alliance Starbird could appear throughout the city, and its streets could at times be patrolled by Rebel Alliance factional personnel.[2] The Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game expansion Squadrons Over Corellia included a card called "Tipping the Balance," the description of which mentioned Kaadara. However, the card description misspelled the city as "Kadaara."[18] In 2008, the Ewok Festival of Love was introduced to Star Wars Galaxies as a special event.[19] Starting in 2009, Kaadara was included as one of the cities which hosted the event,[20] and it continued to do so during subsequent Festival of Love events in 2010[16] and 2011.[2]

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