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Kaadu were creatures native and indigenous to the planet Naboo. Kaadu in the wild traveled in herds numbering in the millions. They were amphibious, being able to stay underwater for up to two hours. Kaadu felt most at home building their nests in muddy swamps and grassy plains, where the females would lay between 100 and 250 eggs at a time.[source?]

Taming a kaadu was a Gungan rite of passage.[source?]

During a fight on the Great Grass Plains, kaadu were deployed with Fambaas to support the Gungan Grand Army to fight off the Trade Federation battle droids.[2]

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Originally, the Kaadu were to be native Tatooine beasts of burden.[4] However, due to the evolving story of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace which called for the Gungans to be beast-riding soldiers, the Kaadu was transported to Naboo[5] and the Eopie was created in its place from modified concept art of the Kaadu.[4] Upon their transfer to Naboo, the Kaadu were given aquatic characteristics, particularly a duck-billed snout and smoother skin.[5]

Kaadu sounds were provided by recordings of pigs' grunts and whales' breaths.[6]


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