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Kaah Ohtok was the Padawan of Jedi Master Lonna Vash.

Behind the scenesEdit

Originally, Kaah, like Master Vash, was supposed to be met by the Jedi Exile on the planet M4-78 before it was cut from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. According to files left in the game Kaah and Vash had developed a force bond during Kaah's training which was damaged as the two were separated during their fight to free M4-78 from Sith occupation. Upon losing his connection to Vash he believed her dead, which led him to seek revenge, and take up a misguided quest to prevent any Sith from retaking M4-78. As the Exile explored parts of M4-78 Kaah took on the identity of ES-05, the planet's environmental Archon, and accused the Exile of being a Sith Lord. Kaah, refusing to listen to anything the Exile had to say, sent several waves of droids to attack her, in an attempt to prevent, what he saw as, the beginning of another Sith occupation. Eventually the Exile was to reach Kaah where his true identity as Vash's apprentice would be revealed. The Exile then had the option of helping to guide him back to the light, killing him, or driving him to the point where he killed himself. The cut content had no indication what species Kaah was, and he is usually assumed to be either a Human or a Twi'lek.


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