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"I'll be taking a diving trip to the resort world of Kaal soon, and a friend offered to loan me an organic gill. Catch is, I gotta pick it up. If you help me out, I'll pay you."
―An unidentified citizen, to a spacer[src]

A former Rakata colony in the Pre-Republic era, Kaal was a tropical resort world. It was a popular destination for Imperial personnel on leave, though military presence was minimal. Following the Battle of Endor, it was the site of a confrontation between the New Republic, Imperial Admiral Kermen, and the warlord Utoxx Prentioch. The New Republic took control of the world.


Kaal was located within the Kaal system, in the Yushan sector of the Mid Rim region of the galaxy.[2] It was situated on the Corellian Trade Spine, a hyperlane that connected it to Chibias and Dalisor.[3] It was a water-dominated planet with a breathable atmosphere, standard gravity, a saturated hydrosphere, and a tropical climate. Its oceans hosted abundant life, including fish and plankton. Archipelagos were present on the surface of Kaal,[1] and one such island chain formed a resort city, which contained the world's only starport. Abundant casinos, high-class hotels, and other entertainment establishments attracted wealthy individuals and underworld elements to Kaal.[4]


Kaal was controlled by the Rakatan Infinite Empire from around 30,000 to 25,200 BBY.[6] The region of space surrounding Kaal was explored during the period from 8000 to 5500 BBY,[10] and Kaal was within the territory of the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness during the final years of the New Sith Wars.[7] The world was later within space that was controlled by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.[8]

Kaal was later controlled by the Galactic Empire, under which it was a major food production world and a popular retreat for Imperial personnel in the Yushan sector.[9] The Empire did not exploit Kaal's oceanic life to its full potential, only harvesting enough to support the planet's populace.[1] The first meeting between Lando Calrissian and Dash Rendar occurred at a sabacc table on Kaal.[11] The Emperor's Shadow plunged into the oceans of Kaal after Emperor's Hand Jeng Droga, driven to insanity by the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, slaughtered the yacht's crew.[12]

Kaal's status as an Imperial resort world ceased when Imperial troops withdrew following their loss at Endor.[1] Local crime lord Tirgee Benyalle,[9] who operated Kaal's casinos and entertainment industries,[1] took control of the planetary government and the agricultural industry[9] and became the administrator of Kaal.[13] Benyalle provided several small capital ships to defend the system from piracy and Imperial attacks and to protect food shipments from Kaal to other systems.[9] Using capital from her casinos, she purchased several immense repulsorlift harvesters to gather food from the oceans and prepare the food for sale.[4] Jeng Droga returned to Kaal after Palpatine's final death.[12]

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