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Kaal was a Human Male Sith of the Sith Empire who was one of the apprentices that Darth Zash was forced to take, after already selecting Kallig as her apprentice during the Cold War. In 3643 BBY, Kaal and Corrin arrived at the Dark Temple just after Kallig had defeated Darth Zash. Kaal was skeptical at joining the Sith Inquisitor, thinking that the latter had killed Zash, (when, in fact, Khem Val was the culprit), but Corrin convinced him and they pledge allegiance to their new Master. In 3642 BBY, Darth Thanaton decreed that all apprentices and disciples of Darth Zash be eliminated, which lead to the deaths of Corrin and Kaal at the hands of Lord Cineratus on Quesh. Kallig avenged their death by ignoring Cineratus' bargain and killed him.

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