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«I relieved you of the horn while you slumbered, as you had relieved him of the horn that he had relieved from Lirin Car'n, and thus made with great haste to a Scrapper I knew who would be in the market for horns, especially for golden horns of Kloo.»
«I passed out and you stole it from me.»
«I find that interpretation radiantly unkind.»
―Kabe and Muftak[3]

Kabe was a female Chadra-Fan who was a patron of Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina shortly before the Battle of Yavin.


"Cute faces ain't a form of currency, Kabe."
―Wuher to Kabe[5]

Kabe overhears talking about a valuable item.

Kabe was a female Chadra-Fan who was a patron of Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina.[3] At some point at Chalmun's Cantina, she tried to order blue milk from Wuher, but had zero credits. After she overheard a conversation between two beings about an Imperial cruiser loaded with a valuable item aboard, Kabe eventually captured the item and exchanged it with one of the beings for credits. Kabe then bought blue milk from Wuher with those credits.[5]

In 0 BBY,[6] Kabe was living with Muftak in the maintenance tunnels under Chalmun's, paying rent to Ackmena with proceeds obtained by petty theft and scams. She obtained the Kloo horn of Lirin D'avi from a drunken Muftak, who got it from Myo, who won it from D'avi's son Lirin Car'n, and pawned it to repay the debt Myo owed her and Muftak. When confronted by an angry Myo, she implicated Muftak. After several interrelated debts, including D'avi's plan to sell the horn to pay off Greedo, came together, Kabe found herself likely to be killed by Myo for stealing the horn if Muftak's bet with bounty hunter Djas Puhr (that Solo survive the day) didn't pan out.[3] While waiting, she ordered a drink from Wuher at Chalmun's and shared it with Muftak. A few minutes later, she witnessed Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker fight with Dr. Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba. Shortly thereafter, Solo shot Greedo.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Some little… bat weasel? I don't know. Like an Ugnaught with a gland issue or somethin'. I thought he was a really hairy kid at first."
"She. Kabe."
―The Scrapper and Myo[3]
Kabe Databank

Kabe reaches for a drink

Kabe used her high-pitched squeaks as an effective way to get the attention of Chalmun's Cantina bartender, Wuher. She was a female Chadra-Fan, a species that averaged out at a height of 1 meter.[2] She had tan skin covered with brown fur and dark eyes.[4]


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