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"[Kachirho's] massive wroshyr trees still bear the scars of battles during the Clone Wars […] and the damage left by Imperial occupation. The planet has healed quickly, however, and tourists now seek out Kachirho's platforms, enjoying the warm breezes, fresh air and sense of peace of a planet that all but thrums with the energies of inexhaustible life."
―The Galactic Explorer's Guide[4]

Kachirho was a coastal Wookiee settlement located in the Wawaatt Archipelago of Kashyyyk[3] that served as the planet's capital.[5] It was made up of several inhabited wroshyr trees, including Tree Kachirho and Tree Vikkilynn.[3] Two piers and docks extended out from the city into the freshwater lagoon. During the Clone Wars, the city was led by the chieftain Tarfful. Near the end of the Clone Wars, Kachirho was the site of the Battle of Kashyyyk.[1]

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