Kadana Sorrel was a Human female Colonel of the Galactic Alliance Starfighter Command. In 44 ABY, she was stationed aboard Rimsaw Station in orbit of the planet of Kuratooine.

When Wraith Squadron was wreaking havoc on and in orbit of Kuratooine in order to attract enough attention to warrant the arrest of corrupt Alliance General Stavin Thaal, Sorrel received a transmission from Wraith member Turman Durra, disguised as the late Ton Phanan, who told her to come down to the planet in order to investigate the happenings on Kuratooine. Sorrel promptly responded by doing so, and she ran into General Thaal. Thaal was soon pointed out by his wife Zehrinne to be a different man named Thadley Biolan, which was actually the general's new persona after he received a genetic reworking for his planned retirement, and Sorrel placed him under arrest as a result.