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"Dark and light are illusions. There is only power and the will to use it—and the wisdom to use it appropriately."

Kadann was a Jedi Knight who turned away from the Jedi Order to embrace the dark side of the Force, becoming the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side. A diminutive Human male born in the waning days of the Galactic Republic, he was found to be Force-sensitive and taken to be trained as a Jedi. While he passed the Jedi Trials and ultimately became a Jedi Knight, Kadann was a contemplative, intellectual being who shied away from action. A budding philosopher, he began to question the Jedi Code's position on the dark side, eventually coming to the conclusion that both light and dark were necessary if one was to achieve true mastery of the Force. He was seduced by the dark side, finding that he had a natural affinity with it. It also provided him with precognitive abilities that allowed him to frequently see possible futures. Kadann left the Jedi Order and traveled the galaxy for a time, honing his skill and taking another former Jedi, Jedgar, as his apprentice.

He was eventually visited by Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, who recruited the two Dark Jedi to his cause. Sidious introduced them to the Prophets of the Dark Side on the planet Dromund Kaas, and Kadann eventually became the Prophets' leader. Supreme Prophet Kadann served as an advisor to Sidious after he became Emperor from the galactic capital of Coruscant. However, in 4 ABY, Kadann had a vision of the future of the impending Battle of Endor which saw the Empire defeated; neither his fellow Prophets nor Sidious saw anything other than an Imperial victory. Sidious decided he no longer required the Prophets' services, and sent his Inquisitors to raze their headquarters on Dromund Kaas. Kadann and the surviving Prophets, believed by the Empire to be dead, fled to distant Bosthirda. Kadann waited in patience as Sidious was killed at Endor, and decided not to act when his decoy, Rajah Ubooki, emerged as a potential heir to the Empire. Eventually, however, the Supreme Prophet was tracked down by Azrakel, a former experiment of his to see how long a being could withstand the power of the dark side, who slew Kadann and many of his fellows; the remaining Prophets were cut down by Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith, and her apprentice, Carnor Jax.


Jedi training[]

"I foresaw this meeting."
"So did I."
―Kadann and Jedgar upon first meeting[src]

Kadann was a Human male dwarf born during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. Found to be Force-sensitive at a young age, he was taken to Coruscant to undergo training in the way of the Jedi. Despite shying away from the physical activities that were an important part of being a Jedi, he passed the Jedi Trials and became a Knight. He always considered himself more of a thinker and philosopher than a man of action; he spent most of his early years pondering ancient prophecies, becoming particularly intrigued by those which concerned bringing balance to the Force. After much thought and deliberation, he found himself unable to come to terms with the fact that, according to the Jedi Code, balance could be achieved through the exclusive use of the light side; he came to believe that both light and dark in equal quantities were necessary to find this elusive balance and truly master the Force.[4]

As his theories materialized, Kadann began to turn away from the Jedi Code and perform dark side experiments, culminating in his severance with the Jedi Order. Kadann's intentions were honest, but, like most who tried to use the dark while remaining in the light, he was corrupted, and became a Dark Jedi. He wandered the galaxy on a path of meditation and self-discovery, realizing that the dark side provided him with much more than its counterpart. He found he had a special relationship with the dark side; it provided him with secrets and glimpses of the future, the likes of which he had never been privy to before. Kadann developed precognitive abilities which provided him with the many possible paths the future could take; while these revelations did not always come true, the insights served him well. He was left with a dilemma, however: he could embrace the dark side and accept its gifts, but that would no more help achieve balance in the Force than if he remained loyal to the Jedi Code. During his travels, Kadann encountered Jedgar, another fallen Jedi who had an uncanny ability to make prophecies. Both men had foreseen the encounter, and both knew they could learn much from each other; Jedgar became Kadann's apprentice.[4]

Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side[]

"The future you see isn't yours. You are merely the messenger. Serve me. Become my prophet. Reveal the will of the Force as you see it and I will make your predictions come true."
―Darth Sidious, to Kadann[src]

Supreme Prophet Kadann sitting on his throne.

During their travels, the two came upon the Dark Force Temple on the planet Dromund Kaas, where they learned of the Dark Force religion. It was there that the two joined the Prophets of the Dark Side.

Darth Sidious soon learned of Kadann and his prophecies and was intrigued by his unique view of the Force. Thus, sometime before the fall of the Galactic Republic and the destruction of the Jedi Order, Sidious visited Kadann, and, through many long conversations and debates, Sidious revealed Kadann's true purpose: "The future you see isn't yours, you are merely the messenger. Serve me. Become my prophet. Reveal the will of the Force as you see it and I will make your predictions come true." Sidious titled him the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side. Kadann led his small group of dark side devotees, who all had a particular talent for seeing portents and omens in the mists of the Force, into Sidious's service, where they all gained the title of Emperor's Mage. By the time the Republic fell and the Galactic Empire was formed, the Prophets—and Kadann in particular—had become some of the Emperor's most trusted advisors. The Prophets worked in secret, hidden from the galaxy at large, and searched the Force for signs and warnings, which they passed on to the Emperor and his adepts.

Makati, Merili and Azrakel[]

"Learn to rein in your subordinates, dear Admiral."
―Kadann, to Afsheen Makati[src]

While he was serving Palpatine as part of the Secret Order of the Emperor, Kadann met with Imperial Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati. He led the Grand Admiral to a Rebel base on the planet Thila, where Kadann overheard Makati's first officer mock the glittering regalia of the Secret Order's members. This prompted Kadann to act against his usual character: he lashed out at Makati with Force lightning, advising the Grand Admiral to "Learn to rein in your subordinates, dear Admiral." It was during his tenure with Sidious that he learned of the Dathomiri witch known as Merili on the planet Dathomir. Kadann was responsible for bringing her before Sidious to be trained. Though he was impressed by her powerful connection to the dark side, Merili's madness disturbed Kadann, so he allowed Sidious to assign her to be the ruler of the planet Kashyyyk after training her to be an Emperor's Eye.

Sidious, as if in return for revealing Merili to him, involved Kadann in his experiments with the Force-sensitive Azrakel. The two attempted to break Azrakel with the full power of the dark side, although in time Sidious became bored with the experiment and left Kadann in full control of the project. Kadann nursed Azrakel back to health and discovered that his exposure had wiped the untrained Force-sensitive's mind clean, the perfect blank slate onto which to create an apprentice of his own and a tool to use if he ever decided to move for control of the Galactic Empire. Kadann trained Azrakel as he himself had once been trained, in both the techniques of the Jedi and those he had developed on his own. Soon Azrakel became precisely what Kadann had hoped he would. He grew strong in both body and the Force, becoming a covert weapon which only Kadann could use. Kadann used the ordeal through which the Emperor had put the young Force-sensitive to make Azrakel hate both the Emperor and his apprentice, Darth Vader—Kadann's two greatest rivals. Kadann took every opportunity he could to teach Azrakel to use his hate to fuel his powers, teachings which eventually backfired when Azrakel grew to hate even his teacher and cut all ties with the Prophets as well as the Empire. This very hate later caused the death of the false Prophet Kadann.


"While you have seen victory, the future is always in motion. There are many outcomes, and I have been shown the one most likely to occur. I have seen the end of the Empire, and the death of the Emperor."
"Do you not think I have seen such an event? Of course I have seen that vision, but I refuse to allow it to happen."
―Kadann and Sidious disagree on the outcome of the impending Battle of Endor[src]

Kadann immersed in the dark side of the Force.

While serving the Emperor, Kadann continued his own private studies, still contemplating the idea of balance and seeking to bring it about. Kadann had long warned the Emperor about the potential of a young boy named Luke Skywalker and, after the destruction of the first Death Star, Kadann offered a prophecy regarding the Rebellion's newest warrior: "He will destroy you." While Kadann was looking deep into the dark side prior to the Battle of Endor, he had seen myriad possibilities, the strongest of which was the return of balance to the Force and the end of the Empire. Sidious, however, was far too arrogant and sure of his own visions to listen to the words of the dark side's primary prophet. Kadann decided on that day that the dark side had chosen the wrong champion, and that Sidious would die a victim of his own ego. As the Battle of Endor drew closer, Kadann began to dissociate himself from the Emperor so as not to share his fate when the end finally arrived. "Better to serve the dark side from a distance than to be close to the explosion to come," the Supreme Prophet decided.


"Better to serve the dark side from a distance than be close to the explosion to come."

Though he was not entirely sure which path the galaxy would take after the events played out, Kadann trusted his own visions and instincts. He gathered his loyal assistants and fled Imperial Center, deciding it was time to find a new place in the galaxy where the Prophets could safely watch the unfolding events. He led the Prophets away from their old headquarters on Dromund Kaas into hiding on the planet Bosthirda where he had his own private stronghold and waited for a sign that the time was once again right for their presence to be known. Despite his exile, Kadann still managed to learn of the false prophets, and was the only power that could stop Jedgar from leaving the planet to destroy them. Meanwhile, the Prophets established an academy to provide training for those beings the Empire had once hunted into near-extinction. Kadann wanted to offer anyone with the ability to sense and manipulate the Force an alternative to training in Luke's New Jedi Order and so he sent out some of his lowest-level Prophets to spread word that there was a place for any Force-sensitives with Kadann.

Kadann met his eventual death at the hands of the embittered Azrakel who, acting on the advice of an unknown patron, tracked the Prophets to Bosthirda and destroyed a number of them, including Kadann, before being put down.[2]

The remaining Prophets believed they were safe with Azrakel's death—until Lumiya and her apprentice, Carnor Jax, too found the group's hidden retreat and finished what Azrakel had started.


Kadann appeared to be a Human dwarf with black hair and a beard streaked with gray who wore the traditional star-covered robes of the Prophets of the dark side. Although he was neat, Kadann did not overly concern himself with his appearance and always appeared to be in complete control of himself in any given situation. Appearing to be roughly 40 years of age, he was in fact much older. His exact date of birth is unknown.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Kadann was an enigma. At the height of his power, he was one of the most powerful Force-sensitives around, rivaled only by Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Darth Sidious. Unlike either Darth Sidious or Darth Vader, Kadann did not flaunt his power, preferring to present himself as courteous and even friendly to other Force-users. He was always calm, reserved, and thoughtful, and, although the dark side was strong within him, he did not allow it to control his actions like so many other Dark Jedi did. He could be ruthless, but preferred to have others act for him and would often manipulate events through his pawns and other Force-users.[1]

Kadann was not a villain to be fought but rather an opponent to be outmaneuvered. It was very rare for him to ever put on displays of his power, and he almost never stooped to using Force lightning the way the Emperor did. Although he could most probably destroy any who opposed him in a second, he usually simply left if violence was used against him. Nobody could guess his goals or motivations, as they seemed much more complicated than those of others such as the Emperor or Vader. In actuality, Kadann was known to profess the belief that both the light side and dark side had to be preserved. "One cannot exist without the other," he said on several occasions. Though to all appearances Kadann was simply one of many of the Emperor's Dark Side Adepts, he himself professed no affiliation with the Emperor. "I serve the dark side, and right now the dark side is firmly tied with the Emperor," he once said. Despite this, when he foresaw Sidious's death, he started to distance himself from the Imperial leader.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Though Kadann was created for, and thus first seen in, the Jedi Prince series, he was later retconned in the unlicensed Polyhedron 103 magazine. This retcon stated that the Jedi Prince series had in fact been a children's story of the actual events told by Leia Organa Solo to her children Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin, and also stated that the real Kadann was in fact much more powerful, deadly, and fear-inspiring than the Kadann heard of in these stories. However, this retcon was later ignored in The Dark Side Sourcebook which retconned the Kadann featured in these books to have in fact been a false prophet, who simply posed as the real Kadann. Thus, an entirely new Kadann was born who has only ever been mentioned in articles rather than being featured in any stories. This article thus incorporates the old Polyhedron 103 material as being from the real Kadann while not contradicting future, more canon sources.



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