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Kadavo was a planet in the Kadavo system of Wild Space. During the Clone Wars, it was under the control of the Zygerrian Slave Empire.



The volcanic barren landscape of Kadavo.

Kadavo had a very thick smoggy atmosphere that caused the world to look purple from space. The particles in the atmosphere were caused by numerous volcanoes and lava pits, which covered a majority of the barren land masses and islands present on the planet. These volcanoes also assisted in creating huge spiraling cloud formations and other weather systems that could be seen from space.

The Zygerrian slavers built a labor processing hub in one of the larger calderas of a super volcano on the planet. The hub was a tall cylindrical building where a large number of slave were kept while awaiting sale. It was kept aloft above a pool of lava by several powerful repulsorlifts. It was also anchored in place by four cables attached to the sides of the caldera.


A Togruta colony that was abducted by Count Dooku in the Kiros system was kept there for a time. After an unsuccessful rescue attempt, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Captain Rex were also sent to the planet.[2] They eventually managed to escape thanks to a Republic intervention.



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