"Kade Genti, Master of Section Nine!"
"A program on the entertainment feeds when we were kids. Well, when I was a kid, at least."
―Suralinda Javos and Charth Brethen — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Kade Genti, Master of Section Nine was an animated program featuring the titular character Kade Genti, a dashing male from[1] the Core Worlds planet[2] Coruscant. The show aired on entertainment feeds sometime during the childhood of the Squamatan Suralinda Javos. As a young First Order stormtrooper, Finn enjoyed reading comics based on the program that his friend FN-1971 had snuck in.[1] Around 34 ABY,[3] Finn, who joined the Resistance, chose the alias of "Kade Genti" while preparing to infiltrate a party held at Coronet City on the[1] Core Worlds[2] planet Corellia. When the pilot Poe Dameron laughed at Finn's choice upon hearing the name, Javos, who accompanied the group, revealed that it originated from the cartoon and explained that the program aired during her childhood. Finn recalled his experience reading the show's comics in his youth, citing it as his reason for choosing the name.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kade Genti, Master of Section Nine was mentioned in Resistance Reborn, a 2019 novel written by Rebecca Roanhorse.[1]


Notes and references[]

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