Kadron was a Human male who served as a captain in the Onderon Military. Assigned to the position of head of Royal Palace security in the Onderonian capital of Iziz, he was the leader of the Royalist forces protecting Queen Talia from her cousin, General Vaklu who, with the help of Sith forces, attempted a coup d'etat to oust the Queen and lead Onderon to secede from the Republic.

When Meetra Surik arrived on Onderon in response to Kavar's request for assistance, relayed by the Mandalorians under Mandalore Canderous Ordo, she eventually fought her way through Vaklu supporters along the Sky Ramp, entering the Palace and linking up with Captain Kadron once inside. He requested that Surik neutralize the efforts of a slicer, employed by Vaklu, who was subverting the Palace's security systems in an effort to halt Royalist reinforcements.


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