"It's a good thing for me these guys are sloppy. Karrde woulda had 'em shot."
―Mara Jade[1]

Kaerobani's base was a fortress on Rathalay under the command of smuggling kingpin Kaerobani, and acting base of the Lumini Pirates.


A vast complex, Kaerobani's base was constructed artistically, incorporating large amounts of moving water. Directly off from the main landing platform was a reflecting-pool with a waterfall, next to which was a small cantina. Farther in, a massive waterfall overlooked the surrounding skyline, and within the base's heart was a large tank containing a trio of drugons, as well as an observation deck. There was also, not far from the main gates, a large, enclosed, market complex.

Home to both Kaerobani's pirate operations and his personal artifact collection, the base boasted a complement of at least four starfighters and a DX-9 transport. Some parts of the base were dedicated solely to the movement of cargo, including massive conveyer-belts and large lift claws.


"This looks familiar..."
―Mara Jade upon discovering the head of 8t88 on display[1]

Of major note was Kaerobani's artifact gallery, showcasing the highlights of his collection. Containing the severed head of 8t88 as well as the head of a Phase II dark trooper, it was here that he stored and displayed a stolen Jedi holocron in 10 ABY. Not far off from the main gallery was a somewhat smaller room, lined with what appeared to be tiles like those found in the Valley of the Jedi.


In 10 ABY, Kaerobani's pirate agents raided a New Republic corvette, stealing a valuable Jedi holocron. However, Mara Jade was able to board the pirate vessel, and subsequently gained entrance to Kaerobani's base. She successfully infiltrated the installation, reacquired the holocron, and escaped, stealing one of the pirate craft.

Behind the scenes[]

Kaerobani's base is the site of an entire level of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith.

It is possible that a glitch in the game will have a weird looking stormtrooper helmet in place of 8t88's head.



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