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The Kage were a near-human sentient species native to the planet Quarzite. Although they resembled humans, their striking eyes and pale skin set them apart.[2] A spirited and dedicated people, they formed the Kage Warriors to fight the tyrannical Belugans, the other sentient species who inhabited their homeworld.[5]

During the Imperial Era, a family of Kage, Ru, Halia, and their son Sadori Vushan, were members of the rebel group known as the Dreamers.[4]


Kage were renowned for their natural beauty. Both male and female were seen as very attractive by both humans and other close humans. Kage were also well known for their martial culture. Kage warriors were waging an almost constant war agains the Belugans, their ancient rivals on thier homeworld.[4]


Kage originated from the planet Quarzite. There, they lived in subterranean cities and waged constant war against the surface dwelling Belugans. This warrior culture made them renown for thier fighting ability. Most Kage males had had some experience fighting. This made them excellent picks for mercanaries, pirates, and rebel cells.[4]

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