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"There is a group of marauders who would like nothing more than to hijack my master's cargo. So far my men have been ineffective against them."
―Rigosso to Boba Fett[1]

Kage Warriors were members of the Kage species that battled against the Belugans.[2] They once fought against Boba Fett, Asajj Ventress, and a crew of bounty hunters to save Pluma Sodi.[1] Two brothers also fought as officers in the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Droid Army under generals Grievous and Kleeve.[3][4]


During the Clone Wars, the Kage warriors fought against the Belugans[2] under Lord Otua Blank and Major Rigosso. When the Belugans kidnapped Krismo Sodi's sister, Pluma, Krismo led his warriors against Rigosso's soldiers and the Krayt's Claw's bounty hunters. Krismo and his fellow warrior rode Milodons and boarded the subtram. The warriors were able to defeat Rigosso's soldiers and all the bounty hunters except Boba Fett and Asajj Ventress. Ventress was able to subdue Krismo, but double-crossed Fett. After giving Lord Blank his "bride," Ventress gave Krismo his sister after he paid her.[1]

Two brothers, Coburn and Rackham Sear joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems as officers in the Separatist military. Rackham Sear attempted to carry out a plan to bomb the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Sear failed in his attempt due to the intervention of Jedi Master Depa Billaba and Initiate Caleb Dume. Coburn Sear fought Billaba and Padawan Dume at Kardoa and at the Third Battle of Mygeeto. He was killed by Dume.[5]



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