"A former Imperial scientist was working in a bio-genetics lab on Talus. He was in charge of genetic experiments aiming to transform the goat-like murra from Corellia into an efficient all-terrain fighting animal. The resulting creature was named a kahmurra."
Yondalla, to a spacer[src]

The kahmurra, also known as khmurra, was a herbivorous herd animal with bristley hide and tusks that lived on Talus.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kahmurra were genetically engineered creatures derived from the goat-like murras of the planet Corellia. This species was generated by a former Imperial scientist in a biogenetic research station on Talus. The objective of those experiments was to develop an all-terrain hunting beast.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

"I purchased a specially bred kahmurra to guard my house. The bio-engineer I bought it from said he had a lab filled with resources that increased both their viciousness and their loyalty. Well, he was only half right. It killed my whole family"
―A commoner, to a spacer[src]

Despite the successful development of the kahmurra species, the Empire considered the project a failure and cancelled all funding. The research facility was officially closed[2] and the kahmurra specimens then ran wild on Talus. Several wild kahmurras were later captured and trained but with great difficulty.[3]

Nevertheless, several bio-engineers continued to work in the Kahmurra Biogenetic Research Station.[4] During the Galactic Civil War, a commoner living in Dearic bought a khmurra to a bio-engineer working at the biogenetic research station in order to guard his house. However, the creature killed his whole family.[5]

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